BGC Men's Club Committee

2022 BGC Men's committee

Captain: Sean Gould

President: Thomas Healy

Vice-Captain: John Barry

Secretary: Ray O’Leary

Treasurer: Ronan O’Riordan

Handicap Secretary: Vincent McCarthy

Juvenile Officer: Dermot Sheedy

Competition Secretary: Tim O’Sullivan

Public Relations Officer: Colin Horgan

Ex Officer: Dan O’Shea

Ex Officer: Leslie Ring

Committee: Barry McPolin

Committee: Christy Horgan

Committee: Sean McDonnchadha

Membership is currently open for Blarney Golf Men's Club, for more information contact:

Competition Rules

All players are expected to adhere to competition rules which are designed to ensure fair-play, improve player etiquette and enhance competitiveness.

Only the members of the golf Resort staff have the authority to open/close the course.

I - General Competition Rules
  1. The committee reserves the right to alter, postpone, or abandon any competition.

  2. The competition secretary and committee are responsible for drawing up and interpreting conditions for all Competitions’. Their decision is final in all matters relating to Competitions’

  3. Golfing Union of Ireland Rules regarding Amateur Status applies in all Competitions’.

  4. If the number of participants in a competition is below 10, the competition will be abandoned, no prizes will be awarded and the Entry Fees will be refunded.

  5. Ties in all Competitions’ shall be decided as follows
    a.) Back 9 Holes
    b.) Back 6 Holes
    c.) Back 3 Holes
    d.) Last Hole
    e.) Last 3 of Front 9 Holes
    f.) Last 6 of Front 9 Holes
    g.) Last 7 of Front 9 Holes
    h.) Last 8 of Front 9 Holes

  6. Members cannot book guests onto timesheets during weekend members’ competition slots.

  7. The Use of Golf Buggies is prohibited in BGR Men’s Club Competitions (Weekend Competitions & Matchplay) unless the occupant/occupants of the buggy have a medical cert.  To avoid disqualification a medical cert must be produced to the Competition Sec or Club PRO to advise the committee of an Injury/Illness that requires the use of a buggy. {The Competition Secretary may request an updated medical cert at any time.

    Exception – To aid with the pace of play the course ranger may return a player to his previous playing position if his ball is found to be unplayable.

  8. No player may, on the same day, practice on the course prior to all Singles Competitions’ (i.e. Strokeplay, Stableford, V-Par).

  9. No player may practice on the course on the first day of a 2 day competition.

  10. No four-balls are allowed during competition time in a singles competition whether all are entered in the competition or not.  Any members doing so will be disqualified.

  11. In ‘Club Competitions’, a player may obtain distance information by use of a distance-measuring device.  If during a competition, a player uses a distance-measuring device to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g., elevation changes, wind speed, etc), the player is in breach of Rule 14-3”

  12. Before commencing your round please complete the following steps: 1. Sign In to the Competition Book.  2. Pay the entry fee in the pro-shop.  Failure to do so will result in Dis-Qualification.  In the event the sign in sheet is not available due to the pro-shop being closed, entry is permitted after the round has been completed. (No Player is permitted to tee off prior to the 1st tee-time on any given day)

  13. On completion of your round, enter your score in the computer and then put your signed scorecard in the slot for scorecards in the locker room, scorecards must be returned within 30 minutes of completion of the round.  

  14. Only members of Blarney Golf Club (Men’s Club & Ladies Club) and Prospective New Members of the Men’s Club (whose application form has already been posted on the Club notice board) can mark and sign a fellow competitor’s card in every internal club competition.  Visiting GUI handicapped players may only mark & sign scorecards during Club Invitational events.  (Special dispensation may only be granted by the Competition Secretary or his Deputy)

  15. A member must not under any circumstances complete his own card.  Anyone found doing so will be disqualified. 

  16. Players who fail to return their score cards after Competitions’.  The Men’s Committee of Blarney Golf Club has decided that failure to return 3 cards within a 2 month period may result in disciplinary action by the committee under the appropriate clause.

  17. Players are also responsible for checking the details of conditions of play on club notice board prior to Competitions’..

  18. A no-show is a person who fails to show up for their tee-time whilst still being on the BRS System after tee-time booking has ended.  The Men’s Committee of Blarney Golf Club has decided that if a failure to show up 2 times in a 1 month period is evident, this may result in disciplinary action enforced by the committee under the appropriate clause.

II - Handicaps
  1. To hold a valid handicap for eligibility to compete in any GUI or Club competition, internal or external, all levies due to the Men’s Club and subscription due to the Resort must not be deemed in arrears.

III - Juveniles
  1. Juveniles can win a Men’s Club competition, i.e. Saturday – Singles, Stroke-Play, Monthly Medal, Team (Please also see Rule 6 – Eligibility) . 

  2. Juveniles have to be 14 years of age and over with a handicap of 14 or less.

  3. Juveniles can only play with an adult member or members – i.e. there can’t be two juveniles on the one booking time in a singles competition. · 

  4. Juveniles can’t win Captain’s prize, President’s prize or Lady’s Captain’s prize because they have their own juvenile section of these competitions. · 

  5. Where a Juvenile Competition is scheduled on a Sunday, Juveniles are NOT PERMITTED to Play in Mens Club Competitions.  However an exemption may be sought from the Competition Secretary where the Club is running a 2 Day Event and the Juvenile was representing the Club on the proceding Day”

  6. Juveniles are not included in the Men’s Club Player of the Year as they have their own Player of the Year.

IV - Slow Play
  1. Each competitor has 60 seconds only from when it is there turn to play to complete a stroke.

  2. Your place on the golf course is behind the group in front of you and NOT in front of the group behind you.

  3. If a match fails to keep its place and loses more than one clear hole on players in front, it should allow the match following to pass. 

V - Singles Match-Play & Four-Ball Match-Play
  1. Deadline dates will be strictly enforced.  All Match-Play Rules will be posted on the notice board under Match-Play Rules.

VI - Eligibility

In order to win Captains Prize, Presidents Prize or Club Stroke Play a player:

  1. Must be a paid up ordinary member of Blarney Golf Club (Levy)

  2. Must have completed and returned at least 4 single qualifying club Competitions’ in Blarney Golf Club in the previous 12 months.

  3. Must be a member prior to January 1st of that year.

VII - Golfer of the Year 

Golfer of the year will be played over 11 Singles Competitions’ (marked in the Competitions’’ fixture listings) and 2 Match-Play Competitions’’. (Singles Match-Play & Doubles Match-Play)

The Competitions’ which count for the Golfer of the Year are as follows:

The President’s Prize, Captain’s Prize, April Medal, May Medal, June Medal, July Medal, August Medal, September Medal, Club Stroke Play, Easter Hamper & Christmas Hamper.

Points scale (nett scores)

1st-25pts, 2nd-18pts, 3rd-15pts, 4th-12pts, 5th-10pts, 6th-8pts, 7th- 6pts, 8th-4pts, 9th-2pts, 10th- 1pt.
Winners of Captains & Presidents Prize will receive an extra 5pts on top of 1st place points.

Points scale (Matchplay)

Single Matchplay
Winner – 25pts, Runner Up – 18pts, Semi-Finalist’s – 10pts (Each).

Doubles Matchplay
Winner – 14pts (each), Runner Up – 9pts (each), Semi-Finalist’s – 5pts (each)

The committee has the sole discretion as it sees fit to amend the rules.

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